Geo Blocked Sites, How to Check if a Website is Safe

Mar 04, 2020 Remove “This computer is BLOCKED” pop-up - Chrome, Firefox What is This computer is BLOCKED pop-up? If you are redirected to a suspicious domain, showing a This computer is BLOCKED message and a notice to call Microsoft Support you are redirected to a fake pop-up.The “This computer is BLOCKED” pop-up in the Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Edge web browser is set up and design by cybercriminals to scam users into calling fake Microsoft support. How to fix a website with blocked mixed content - Web

Website blocked. Please review - Firefox - Malwarebytes Forums

Fix: This Device is Blocked by Access Control in the Mar 23, 2020 Browsers to block access to HTTPS sites using TLS 1.0 and

The Flash plugin is blocked on some sites by default The Flash plugin can cause security, speed and stability problems on some sites. In order to give you a safe, fast and stable browsing experience, Firefox automatically blocks Flash on some websites that potentially cause problems.

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