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Your own web server with your own encrypted keys sitting on your own computer with your own data with a federated DNS. Not necessarily just chat. A twitter instance, a facebook instance, an instagram instance and so on. The thread was a solution to the DNS problem. How to Fix Facebook Images Not Loading Issue? Just wait until Facebook resolves this problem. If it is running smoothly, then this might not be the reason for your pictures not being able to load. There is another method listed below that you can try. 4. Problem: DNS settings not configured. Your Domain Name System's settings could not be configured. This could be the reason behind this Facebook not working? How to fix common Facebook issues May 29, 2019 Domain Verification - Sharing - Documentation - Facebook

Jun 25, 2020

How to Clear the Google Chrome DNS cache on Windows Jul 11, 2017 Facebook outage map Downdetector

Jul 19, 2020

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