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2019-5-30 · While Twitter is a social networking platform and is used by many for tweeting their day to day activities, sharing news articles and for many other activities, there has been an up-rise of unwanted bots, increased instances of cyber-bullying as well as fake news spreading.. Under these circumstances, you may want to delete your inactive Twitter account. How to reset my Twitter account - Quora To use a username or email address on another account, you must first change them and then confirm the change prior to deactivation. To make your username or email address available for re-use before deactivating your account: 1. On the web, go to Create Twitter Account: How To Do It Step by Step

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Delete Your Account | Instagram Help Center Scroll down to Account Data and click View Account Data. To review a specific type of data, click View All. From iOS or Android: Go to your profile and tap . Tap Settings. Tap Security > Access Data. To review a specific type of data, tap View All. Downloading a copy of your data on Instagram.

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Quick Tips for Easy Installation | Quartet We know you’re excited to use your new Quartet glass dry-erase board! Only one thing stands in the way of your first project: installation. Mounting your board can seem like a difficult process, but we’ve gathered a few tips to make installation as easy as possible. Twitter Account Suspended? 2 Steps to Restore your Twitter Twitter has suspended over 70 million accounts in a few months to get rid of spammy and automated accounts. Is your Twitter account suspended too? First of all, don’t panic because the suspension of the Twitter account is different from a ban. Pause or delete a campaign - Twitter You can always pause your Twitter Ads campaign to stop it from spending, however, you can also delete your Twitter Ads campaign entirely. Note that deleting a campaign will erase some of its historic data from your Ads account.