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How to upload photos to Facebook without it posting on When you upload them, select the privacy settings you want, you have a number of choices from sharing with everyone, to specific friends, just one friend or even keeping them completely private so only you can see them, just click on the globe and facebook isn't updating news feed? | Yahoo Answers Jun 29, 2008

Jul 24, 2020 · The “News Feed” issue, and the link I was copying and pasting to pull up my page feeds (not working now) just started (for me) this evening. I find the whole thing frustrating.

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So what is News Feed? It’s a constantly updating list of stories by and about your friends. Stories here refers to actions that your friends have taken on Facebook — things like writing a status update, sharing a photo or link, or becoming friends. You may also see stories from Pages that you follow. User Feed - Graph API - Documentation - Facebook for /{user-id}/feed. The feed of posts (including status updates) and links published by this person, or by others on this person's profile. There are other edges which provide filtered versions of this edge: Can’t see anything on my news feed | Facebook Help What influences the order of posts in my Facebook News Feed? News feed not updating. Ask a Question Can’t see anything on my news feed . Something's Broken. News Feed. Tried deleting and reinstalling app And using the safari based app to load Facebook … How to upload photos to Facebook without it posting on